Khofizhoah Shanizan Razamin

Participants may submit ideas/ process/ procedure/ module/ product which implement games and gamification in any areas. Participants are subjected to pitch their ideas/ process/ procedure/ module/ product for evaluation based on the following items:

i) A five (5) minutes pre-recorded video in MP4 format (please refer to our judging criteria (judging criteria)), which should cover the following aspect

  • Demo video focusing on game play from start to finish. The video may want to highlight on core game mechanics such as game goals or objectives, rewards, game rules and end of game. The video should also highlight unique features or values of the game.
  • Provide organization’s logo (if any) and also photographs of the inventor/inventors.
  • Upload your video to YouTube with the following format (SIGG2022(ID)- Title of product/game.mp4). Use the setting Unlisted

ii) Games/Gamification description product as per template. Download template from HERE

iii) Games/Gamification cover. Download template from HERE

All items can be submitted through REGISTRATION FORM. For enquiry please contact +604-9288754/8756 or email

Please comply our IMPORTANT DATES

Click this link to view the PROCESS FLOW for submission method.


The organiser strives as much as possible to carry out the evaluation in a fair manner with a set of standardised criteria being used in both categories of Games and Gamification as follows:

Products, including audio, video, and/or life content, should be appropriate for a general audience. Explicit or simulated sex, virtual pornography, nudity and violence are prohibited. SIGG in each sole this creation, may determine if a product is not eligible for consideration.

By participating in SIGG 2022, each participant undertakes to guarantee the information and documentation submitted are correct and they is no product infringement on the property rights of others. Each participant will be responsible for any violation of intellectual property rights if it happens, and SIGG assumes no liability for such infringement.