Khofizhoah Shanizan Razamin
Q1: What is Sintok International Games and Gamification (SIGG) about?

Sintok International Games and Gamification or abbreviated as SIGG is an event or program in the form of competition devoted to any invention or innovation or project that embeds the elements of game or gamification, which is pitched and showcased for its functionality.

Q2: Where will this SIGG 2023 be held?

The name Sintok in SIGG refers to the place where the program was initiated, that is in the main campus of Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) in Sintok, Kedah. Since it’s first program, the SIGG has been held in Sintok, which is a way to introduce and familiarize the unique small town globally. This year, the SIGG 2023 will be organized through online submission, and the announcement of awards to winners will also be done through an online ceremony.

Q3: When will the SIGG 2023 be held?

The submission of inventions/innovations/projects for SIGG 2023 competition will be opened starting from 1st June 2023 until the deadline on 14 September 2023 and the announcement of awards will be held live on 6 November 2023 from Universiti Utara Malaysia, Sintok, Kedah through Facebook platform.

Q4: What is the maximum number of member in a group for each submission of invention/innovation/project?

The maximum number of member in a group is seven (7) people (5 normal members + 2 members with additional fees of RM15 per additional member).

Q5: Are the fees refundable when a participant or team withdraw from the competition?

Unfortunately, fees that have been paid are NOT refundable when a participant or team withdraw from the competition

Q6: How many invention/innovation/project can be registered by a participant or a team?

Prospective individual participants or teams can register only ONE (1) invention/innovation/project in ONE (1) category, either in Games or Gamification category. However, a participant or team can submit as many inventions/innovations/projects as long as each invention/innovation/project is different.

Q7: What can I get after participating in this program?

In this program, individual or team participants have the opportunity to win gold, silver or bronze awards and will be given e-Certificate of Participation and e-Certificate for Medal Award (if any Medal Award is achieved).

Q8: I am interested to join this SIGG program, how do I submit my invention/innovation/project?

Participants may submit ideas/process/procedure/module/product in the form of invention/innovation/project, which implement games or gamification elements in any areas.

For this SIGG 2023, the invention/innovation/project must be in the form of pre-recorded video in MP4 format which is 5 minutes in length. Your video should fulfill the following aspect:-

  • Demo video focusing on game play from start to finish. The video may want to highlight on core game mechanics such as game goals or objectives, rewards, game rules and end of game. The video should also highlight unique features or values of the game.
  • Provide organization’s logo (if any) and also photographs of the inventor/inventors.
  • Upload your video to YouTube with the following format (SIGG2023(ID)- Title of product/game.mp4). Use the setting Unlisted.

Participants must also submit a description of their Games/Gamification invention/innovation/project according to the template.

Participants must also submit a cover of their Games/Gamification invention/innovation/project according to the template.

All items can be submitted through REGISTRATION FORM. For enquiry please contact +604-9288754/8756 or email

Q9: How do I make the payment for my participation?

Payment can be made through :

Q10: How is the evaluation being carried out to identify winners?

The organiser strives as much as possible to carry out the evaluation in a fair manner with a set of standardised criteria being used in both categories of Games and Gamification as follows:

Novelty of the idea / Innovativeness. Comes from the original idea. Niche is outstanding from existing idea. An innovative idea. Not necessarily use of advance technology but suitable to achieve the intended goals.

Implementation of Game Play / Gamification Mechanics. Well balanced, challenging, player/user decisions are heavily involved, no dominant strategies at all and very clear objectives. Level design, if available, are very good and game economy (such as the efficient use of components, the optimum size) are balanced.

Replay Value. The addiction grows while playing/doing. There is a tendency to play/do for a long period of time and/or repeat.

Fun factor. Addictive to play/do. Interesting to play/do.

Applicability. Suits the targeted group well and achieves its intended objectives. Players/Users are encouraged to exercise good values while playing/doing.

Implementation of story / Theme Elements. Story/theme elements available may assist player/user to further comprehend its goal(s). It provides the ability to create stories/themes around the specific goal(s).

Ease of Use. Easy to play/do, tutorials/rules are well written, synergy of all elements is good.

Interface. Interface must have aesthetic elements surrounding user senses - e.g., sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste.

For further details, please refer to: